A Rangertell Examiner was suspended by a wire from a ceiling and twistable rubber threads fastened to it as in Pic1. The Examiner was not held at any stage, the aim of the Experiments being to ascertain whether the unit can operate without a human operator holding it and thus that the operator amplifies any initial response/receiving power.






The Examiner was allowed to revolve so that a torsion force applied to the threads when released would spin the unit round a number of times in the other direction as the stored potential energy effected. This unwinding proceeded at a speed similar to a slow sweep of a target.

Below the suspended detector was arrayed a gold watch three feet below it on a carpet floor.

At right you can see the graphed results of the Examiner's revolutions in pink for the bare floor and blue as the antenna passed over the watch.The y axis is number of turns that the unwinding Examiner performs before stopping and rewinding in the counter-clockwise direction. The experiment was repeated about 20 times, each attempt lasting about four minutes. A minute was counted with a digital countdown timer and added to the turning unit's unwinding in the other direction. It was accurately stopped at all points. This gave all tests equal weight. Four turns were given the suspended unit  and the number of turns before first point of rest counted visually and recorded.

It reveals that the electromagnetic field slows down the Examiner giving a smaller number of turns as the elastic threads unwind passing over the gold watch. This has been exaggerated by the logarithmic scale used in the graph above. The real difference was minimal but consistent, the operative word.

A ring and chain were added to the gold sample and the experiment conducted once more.

There is no doubt the red line signifying no gold sample shows more unwinds thus proving that the gold retards the unwinding of the suspended Examiner. Once again minimal but consistent. The 'x' axis(bottom) indicates number of times conducted, the 'y' or vertical axis the number of unwinds before first momentary point of rest.Note: The gold would not have been more than 5 grams and this was refined and not a lot of  24k.A refrigerator was very close to the experiment which could account for the blue hump. It did turn on and off as it cycled, during the experiments. Since this was the largest electromagnetic force (the motor) and only 1 foot away it is safe to assume this was the reason for the humps.

Experiment 3 backs up the evidence in the foregoing. Here we see the Examiner antenna as it swings in a circle above two gold points that produce a signal line between them. The Examiner on the right is oscillating at the gold frequency as are the items on the left.


The aim of Experiment 3 was to determine whether more gold and a stronger signal line slowed the Examiner's turning energy so that it would be more obviously less than the Examiner above a floor with no gold or signal line.The graph illustrates the marked increase in the drag effect that the Examiner encounters. Although minimal it is consistent and cannot be attributed to chance based on the laws of probability.

Blue area is the distance travelled ie number of turns the suspended unit makes before it's first momentary point of rest above gold points and signal line in above picture. Red area signifies the 'bare floor' below the suspended unwinding unit. It travels further before it's first rest point when there is no gold.. Base of graph is the number of times the unit was wound and unwound and the y or side axis indicates the number of revolutions the unwinding unit made.

Re-iteration: The experiment was properly conducted over 10 hours (two five-hour sessions) giving equal weight to all results by careful start and end points and adding a timed minute or 30 seconds after each rest point so that no bias was possible from one winding to the next.


Although you need to hold the Examiner when detecting, this is solely to augment the aerial. The detecting power of the electronic circuit is minimal but amplified by the addition of a very important aerial ...YOU. The user allows the loop to exist between the target and the Examiner by changing the capacitance and other resonance variables. The user though basically connects the loop to the ground. There is no mental energy involved in any Rangertell detector. Only the physical electromagnetic field surrounding the human body is involved. The circulatory system creates a current and thus a field (right-hand rule) with a frequency, which we refer to when we talk of the body's electromagnetic field.

 Visit  Field Effects Related to the Use of LRLs and MFDs for more on this topic.


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