TO THE SKEPTIC --- a collection of forum posts (mainly TreasureNet) made during the ill-fated expose of the Examiner that back-fired on the illogical skeptics as the information was too close to the mark. There are also other pieces from various places and dates. The entire seven pages were deleted. Here are a couple for your reading pleasure not business agendas etc. Any pic here is shown for reasons of explanation not commercial gain. This is not a commercial site page, just the best  way of showing the old forum posts etc. (Any ambiguities or seeming contradictions not necessarily  the work of the author. I have already noted & corrected one.) NB: Mr Vincent is not the maker but a tech support/telemarketer living in the US. (209) 466-3567. No telemarketer ever  gives a real name anyway.  It's understood in telemarketing, tech support  &  sometimes remote delivery. He is a legitimate operator and helps on occasion.


See posts below: THE WRONG FREQUENCIES- 

A short lived RC xperimental...not the Examiner T-G!

Not built by anyone remotely called Vincent Blanes though the constructor's surname begins with a ''B"!

It appears Carl had an early experimental model that he somehow obtained. It looks very much like someone has attempted to reverse engineeer a very early unit with disastrous consequences. If you understood the skeptic mentality you would see they are not correct in their assertions. Just the eBay feedback 200/200 (no retractions) for the Examiner alone (no purchases etc) is enough to prove that. See www.rangertell.com eBay is not subject to shenanigans. Their credentials are in a Swiss bank like Paypal, its partner. RT has sold more than 1700 to date. The only negativity is from undesirables that haven't seen one.


These pics from a person not connected to Rangertell are clearer. The calculator is still though an older one no longer employed and the unit many years old.

Attached Images


Ok. But where is the electromagnetic amplification with that early attempt of which only a few  were made? You can't measure it as is unless you have a gaussmeter the size of a house. This is far and beyond a joke and cannot escape judgement. One needs to value the anatomy as the most controlled oscillator aerial system as well (not the mind at all) re this as well as include the solidity of a visually complete unit. It isn't good enough to   cut parts off and leave other important ones out. I would appreciate the removal of the false name re the owner and the shocking, shocking pictures that make it look like a joke. Doing the 'face-cream' pics again would be a start while  thinking about removing it altogether. I expected a different interpretation altogether on my return from holidays. The glued? pair ruins the aesthetics of this site. You have not given this perfectly accepted product the treatment it deserves.

                   No hint of glue                    Glue visible 



   Glue smears are not normally visible unless you  alter light conditions. This is what has occurred with the shots of the early Examiner.

The photographs of the Examiner have been deliberately and easily altered to create a bad impression.

Take for example this final forum piece that is on the hard drive.

The information presented on the report page re an experimental Examiner (ver 1.0) is completely  incorrect.

    Glue is no longer used in the Examiner to keep components from shifting.That is a  gross caricature of a one-off. Your  knowledge of 2002 net contractors/advisors and accounting (ergo VB)  is only surpassed by your understanding of embargoed schematic dogma.

This is an interesting post from someone who obviously knows enough to be respected. Caveats are inevitable in the environnent of anti-LRLs but this is a reasonably impartial examination.   It's one man's view and needs qualification but is more like what one expects. This is not to say that the poster is for or against their use. Only that there is a scientific basis for the components that are in the Examiner. The concepts touch on what we have discovered to a point. We are grateful that someone has taken the time to look deeper. In fact Schumann's Resonance (ibid)  is a vital part of  the RT circuitry.

Originally Posted by Qiaozhi

The operating principle of LRLs is not immediately obvious if viewed from the perspective of accepted physics. First hand examination of these devices will reveal an apparently simplistic construction that obscures the complex subtlety of their design.

Two types are described here. The first is similar to the Rangertell Examiner, and the other is an advanced electronic device that operates on the same underlying principle as the Mineoro detectors.

For example, the Rangertell Examiner may appear at first sight to contain just a handful of components that seem loosely connected in some arbitrary fashion. This conclusion is far from the truth, as will be explained fully in the following analysis.

One of the most confusing aspects of the Examiner design is the enameled wire that protrudes through the case and terminates just below the calculator housing without any apparent connection. This type of connection can be explained by reference to the work carried out by Zaev, Avramenko and Lisin on displacement current. According to the authors – "The measurement of the polarisation current in matter can clean up the long-standing dispute about the nature of dielectric permeability of metals, and also make possible the transmission of energy along an isolated conductor without a galvanically closed current circuit. Nicholai Tesla demonstrated this on 1st February 1892 in London but the description of the method applied by him for such a transmission line has not been preserved."

A simple circuit (known as Avramenko’s fork) can be used to demonstrate this method of energy transmission.


Note that there is no connection between the load and a common terminal, such as ground. The load is quite simply isolated from ground, but it still receives power.

This type of circuit is not subject to Kirchoff’s current and voltage laws, and the output current measured in the load is not appreciatively affected by inserting a capacitor of 0.1uF in the line. This is the underlying principle of power derivation within the Examiner LRL, and the reason why the device needs no battery supply other than that provided by the calculator. Power to the circuit (a modified form of Avramenko’s fork) is provided directly by the calculator allowing precise tuning by the operator.

Although the original circuit contained two diodes, the version in the Examiner makes use of resonance techniques and longitudinal wave coupling to boost the energy to a level necessary for long range detection. The human component is also an essential part of the design. Just as a tuning fork (or in this case Avramenko’s fork) has natural frequencies for sound, the planet Earth has natural frequencies, called Schumann resonances, and the human brain has natural frequencies for electromagnetic radiation. It is known that that the Earth’s Schumann resonances are "in tune" with the human brain’s alpha and theta states. But since the Schumann resonance is very low, at about 7.5Hz, the frequencies programmed via the calculator must be down-converted and fine-tuned for effective long-range location to take place. In addition, the Schumann resonance can fluctuate by + or – 0.5Hz depending on the properties of the Earth’s electromagnetic cavity.

The natural frequencies of the human brain are:

    • Beta waves (14 to 30Hz)

    • Alpha waves (8 to 13Hz)

    • Theta waves (4 to 7 Hz)

    • Delta waves (1 to 3Hz)

This explains the inclusion of adjustable elements in the fork / down-converter circuit.

Although the underlying operating principle is complex and difficult to explain, the demonstrable success of these devices has been shown on a number of occasions. Unfortunately LRLs rarely work out-of-the-box, and may need to become acclimatised to their owner over a period of time. Perseverance is the key to successful hunting with an LRL.

  1.  It is important that the end of the wire should protrude through the case, and terminate just below the calculator chip. In most calculators this chip is located near to the center of the unit.


  1. This refers to the prototype Examiner version 1.0 which was an early attempt (only 10 made). The Examiner T-G 7 01 06 is light years ahead of this. The reason for the price is that we have tested exclusive frequencies to Rangertell and spent years testing it in every conceivable environment. The adept geek may build a lookalike but it will not perform anywhere near the real Examiner. Alignment for instance is more important than first appears and you don't get the POS system to determine depth, distance , shape and weight or the R&D frequencies. You can build a reasonable beeping metal detector too for $50. But it won't perform anywhere near the commercially accepted product because there is no R&D.  With more than 400 Rangertell units sold which means about 1000 users and no complaints except from a stereotyped skeptic or two, 100 percent acceptance is the answer to that one.

    2. You are not of course connecting your head to the stratosphere. You are allowing resonance frequency to fulfill the requirements of the detection frequency in relation to the target. If you enter 7 into a tuned Examiner and walk you will determine the grid pattern that is evident round the Earth every 7 feet . 





If they must know...

There is an interesting story regarding that particular prototype and "the wrong frequencies". A reason that makes idle criticism look ornery. It has been late in coming because of technical policy. What transpires between the bench and tech support is sometimes clouded. It seems the prototype was a one-off in more ways than one. It's operation and methodology was different.

RT had developed what was considered a great  frequency viz 2.7 Hz which went with the above unit in the instructions. One afternoon we decided to see if a nugget attached to a radio-controlled helicopter would effect a swing for the prototype as it flew low over a reef. An amazing swing occurred witnessed by Mr G. Brooker the owner-maker, the chopper swooping at least 15 feet from the gold sample on the ground. The experiment worked. The Examiner was so exciting an instrument all along this was not surprising. We know it is hard for skeptics to believe it...it is unbelievable. But of course it didn't work on another frequency or with the chopper floating with the power cut. Why don't they believe it then?...anyway...

The point of this piece is to tell you what happened next on the ground where samples were thrown to be detected unseen. An inability occurred and the detection was feet out each time. No I thought , this only happened to those who haven't worked out where the interference is coming from. Something wasn't working. Perchance I realised that the radio control frequency is 27 Megahertz (MHz) a harmonic or multiple of 2.7Hz.  This was the culprit. Needless to say we abandoned the 2.7 frequency. Unfortunately the instructions had gone out on some units. This is not to say it did not work well, but if the user was anywhere near anything radio-controlled it would not work as well. This could be a toyshop half a mile away in some areas or any modern suburb really. After all some planes etc have a mile range don't they. Even some radio setups in vehicles from hundreds of feet away (case in point, the user who could not get a good response?). Funny, if it wasn't so irritating.

The frequencies were also in multiples based on decimal multiples, a practice we later found less accurate than subsequent frequencies. If though we get no feedback, how are we going to know when to instruct? For all intents and purposes, the users were happy. That is not to say the users of today are in the same boat, just not having asked. Hundreds of users cannot be silent.

It is not fair to single out one unfortunate prototype system  from years ago and a few odd frequencies as representative of anything but a quality control matter which did not extend to more than a few locators. Obviously they did not work 100 per cent in some areas leading to wild Chinese whispers, the outcome you can see on this site. We would expect a full retraction in view of the transitory nature of this event.

The unit exploded and incorrectly judged was a radio-controlled job, not the Examiner T-G.

Ant   Tech Support

PS: I asked Tell whether the prototype was a radio control experiment. He said " It sure wasn't  an Iddier motor ..!!"




                 Early Attempt ver 1.0 Experimental Technology                                                        Examiner 2005



     Early Ford  Attempt                                                                                                             Ford  these days

                                                 Like the old jalopy... you're making the racket!!



Q. What exactly is a long range locator or detector ?

A. Here are some descriptions from independent websites.

"Another type of treasure finder is the long range detector. These units can detect larger items and treasure chests as far beneath the surface as 20 feet and 2-10 blocks away. These metal detectors, which range in cost between $2,000 and $30,000, are used by professional treasure hunters."

http://www.desertusa.com   Article by Joseph Johanek


April 2, 1997

How do long range metal detectors work? -- AS

"In a short range metal detector, the detector looks for the direct interaction of its magnetic field and a nearby piece of metal. That nearby metal changes the characteristics of the detector's wire coil in a way that's relatively easy to detect. But in a longer-range metal detector, the electromagnetic coil must actually radiate an electromagnetic wave and then look for the reflection of this electromagnetic wave from a more distant piece of metal. That's because the magnetic field of the coil doesn't extend outward forever--it dies away a few diameters of the coil away from the coil itself. For the metal detector to look for metal farther away, it needs help carrying the magnetic field through space. By combining an electric field with the magnetic field, the long-range metal detector creates an electromagnetic wave--a radio wave--that travels independently through space. Electromagnetic waves reflect from many things, particularly objects that conduct electricity. So the long-range metal detector launches an electromagnetic wave and then looks for the reflection of that wave. "


RT's Secretary

"The skeptics have a simple Disclosure Minimization dogma that is not telling anyone enough."



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Re: Report on the Rangertell Examiner
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Dear Carl Moreland 

Re this report you have finally concocted.......

You appear to have been born to approximate the butt of the righteous!!

Not only have you committed many breaches of etiquette, fact and scientific principle but you have even failed to acknowledge the existence of the electromagnetic field!!.Oh well, you can't win them all....  ... How about a couple though? Pretty please??

In your world Carl the radio antenna on the hill must be connected to, nay, abut the receiver aerial in the users hand or no signal will be received. Ha-ha! You have overlooked the fact that years of experimentation have gone into getting the custom-made Examiner just right. Has it ever occurred to you that you cannot judge the invisible not to mention the unseen manhours involved? Had you weathered the 'visually painful' site and opened a few pages you would have seen photographic evidence of signal-lines putting your entire argument under painful suspicion. So painful that...I'll be damned there's you and a symptom of the aforesaid using the human face as a reference. If that's ' incomprehensible', it's simply over your head as is 99% of what Ranger says. You have destroyed a locating instrument that is the financial answer to the over-priced. Why bicker then?( No-Frills is not a term that would be understood by you so I won't use it.)

No wonder it was useless in your unresponsive hands Carl ...you broke it! 
It wasn't bought direct from Rangertell. Didn't you say it was sold dirt-cheap?? to you by a disgruntled moron?

The piece on the manufacturer or owner's identity is libellous and completely false, a lie. There are pen-names and aliases. Net-parlance has not obscured the terms despite your ridiculous misuse of the terms. It has been held world without end that the skeptics use aliases, I mean pen-names. The owner wishes to remain anonymous because you have the bad and known habit of defaming and hence any connection is not on. I will repeat in all sincerity once more  Ranger's name has not appeared on any forum or report nor will it in the foreseeable future. It is a Mr B., but not the person you mentioned. If this is not true may God strike me down! Ever occur to you that you are insulting the maker who is known to the customer?If the company was a scam you would be playing into it's hands. What has a net tech got to do with the product ? Why would any self-respecting manufacturer publicize his name when you are waiting to defame and illegally insult his proven goods?I suggest you remove this erroneous reference to a Vincent Blanes or Vic  Blaine  or  it will be seen as wilful libel and deception and you will hear from the maker in due course..for the third time this month, acknowledging your contest and expressing interest in the future as a contestant..for the third time this month!  How are you going to run a contest when you don't have the right manufacturer? Ha-ha-ha .This is classic public mischief. As it happens there is a distributor that you may have been told has an interest in these locators with a name very similar to the above.. invited by Ranger because of your insane and cockeyed aim. But he is not the manufacturer now is he. Take that all back or suffer the ignominious punchline that attends those who cannot remember people's names despite being told a thousand times.


  The Echolet VB  [Vector Based]    Was this fine experimental unit a Rangertell continuing product? Is there some kind of problem with models and affinities here?

More Pictures To Make The Point Clear


       Your claim " LRLs are dowsing " is like saying the above is correct. It just isn't!

You have gone to a lot of trouble but failed in the final analysis, because you cannot acknowledge and be respectful towards the truth.  Why do you say you doubt 200 buyers have bought Rangertell units? How would you know? Why do you insult the level of intelligence by lying? PDF programs? It's like Sam's insane reference to one email that could have been used by anyone re a mailing list $5 scam. It  didn't even get sent and wasn't illegal by statutes. Why wouldn't the net tech register it having the credit card at the time and then change it later? Does that mean he's the owner? Bahahah. What has anything you have said ring even slightly true when you stoop to such lies and triviality? Why again insult a legitimate degree..how would you know it wasn't? Any evidence other than your blindness and inability to use LRLs?

The customer is right...you are not the customer. Ambiguity intended. 

FOOTNOTE: I hope you realise that the Examiner may one day be used by the blind and that anything you say is attracting the appropriate.... contempt!


"THOUGHTS ON A NUGGET _--_ A Theoretical Postulation

A shipper and assistant scientist does not own a company in the same way the second-in-charge isn't the CEO. Ad hoc treatment of these basics only leads to confusion. The majority input into an invention automatically makes the inventor the head of an organisation. His name would be first on the patent.This is essential respect for the kernel of the product.If Rolls had invented the auto engine in this range of vehicles, would you say Royce was the owner because he had co-developed? Of course not. Did Orville Wright invent the airplane? No. Wilbur and Orville did. Maybe Orville invented the engine and so having the majority input and actually building every part of the airplane himself made him the owner. Wilbur added the rest and co-tested for argument's sake. If the company was in Orville's name then why would Wilbur be the owner? And if Wilbur was the head of another airplane company called Wilburco that made user-independent aircars...Orville wouldn't like it at all. And Wilbur would hate it. It would then be a matter of company law and not Wilbur's company in any way, even loosely. I suspect this idea of partnership is inherent in many companies and so when one addresses comments re what one assumes from hearsay is fact, he could be completely awry in his estimation. Also when one assumes he is dealing with a company of many workers he may in fact be talking about one lonely inventor who is generous enough to share his discovery with the world. Conversely  a sole inventor could be insulted by an insistence based on a misreading when a throng of researchers may have gelled into a respectable firm of operatives. So when a name is attached to a website being set up , there is no more reason to feel that the person is the instigator than that he has had the pc and knowledge at the time to set the site up. If  there is an advisory statement from a company that the person touted as the head is in fact incorrect is is mathematically obvious that it is more than likely a correct assertion. If the firm has an email or two and a telephone contact number and sells, then there would be no reason to hide anything. The customers can see who and where their money is going. Usually if there is more than one company interest involved identity is not it follows completely straightforward "

Part of an Internet Business Principles Answer I wrote using the LRL scenarios here as an example.

On another theme, incoherent sniping and carrying on has been occurring for more than 12 years re LRLs. This site has a good summation and explains the unusually high temperature associated with this topic for the newbie.


Who would like it if each time a forum or group was set up to discuss LRLs the skeptics sat on it and dealt with each new post to disrupt and defame and so ruin legitimate sales...all the way to the eventual closing of the world's greatest forums? Wouldn't counter-noms occur to a prolific and equal extent? It's a corollary of gold detecting that he that informs misses out. The genre is full of stories where the finder has lost his mine etc to a friend who visited it in the night. There is hence a mystique of  forum names and identity games on the net as well. The form itself is not ingenuous but guarded, and wisely so. This defeats the skeptics before they can effect. After all who is going to succeed in a court of law with evidence of defamation against a sneaky bankrupt?

Netcrier the Vigilant  a.k.a  Dalejmeister6543


Mr Skeptic



A full and detailed rebuttal will be posted on where Carl pointed to as a 'rant' site taking every word and phrase in the report and submitting it to examination. It's  www.Rangertell.com/to_the_skeptic.htm (this is a forum cut so refers to this site in this instance) As it grows the same should be readable elsewhere (other sites(s)...since Carl has had his cry and grown up a little. Not much, but a little says Ranger who seemed nonplussed by the comedy of errors.  

Here is the definitive answer to Carl Moreland's unspecified report on the Rangertell Examiner experimental model.  The portions in red are explained below the transcript from this report. The material after this growing report (hopefully) is above the answer to Carl's other report , which was similar but less verbose.His other reports are at http://www.thunting.com/cgi-bin/geotech/pages/common/index.pl?page=lrl&file=reports.dat 



The following needs to be said before anything since this type of experiment in dissection must not inspire copying or reverse engineering. In the Examiner's case it just won't work.

"So I neither give my consent nor encourage the publication of any claim that the Examiner's circuitry is public property. No brainchild has ever been of this type. Even if you could build similar , the windings and values would not correspond with the untappable structure of the unit in question. These have been so arrived over years of  field testing and is just not possible. The placement of the components is such that it cannot be duplicated. Even a micron out will throw you to a trash target and you wouldn't know it until you dug it. The trash may be 20 feet down.It would still impact on a copy giving you no accuracy despite your belief it was working. This is what inspired the refinement and development.We expected a dissection one day. We didn't set the coil in epoxy since the coiling, the turns and their relative position and dimensions cannot be duplicated though lookalikes may be fashioned and may even appear to work. But any function is hardly "basic and no better than a bent wire" because of the dynamic R&D that Rangertell has and continues to improve the product with. Need it be said that both Ranger and Tell are actively seeking gold and precious metals constantly and passing on their discoveries. They are realistic and see here an instrument that can work perfectly for themselves and others as well. Treasure  being created as we speak.The natural is always there and is the Examiner's best friend. Why be greedy? 



Of all the LRL reports I've written, this has been the most difficult. Not because of the complexity of the device — the Examiner is actually very simplistic and easy to analyze — but because of the shear amount of information available to wade through. The Rangertell website has far more content than any other LRL manufacturer web site and, besides being horribly arranged and presented in a visually painful way, the writing style is often incomprehensible. Add to that the significant presence of the manufacturer on Internet forums, and long-running eBay sales, and we have way more nonsense to deal with than the average LRL.

  shear - no such word

  amount of information - honesty then and no reason to claim otherwise

 horribly arranged and presented in a visually painful way  - in the eyes of Carl Moreland who immediately confesses he is not writing an unbiased report but a sniping fusillade. There is a Feedback form on site for such issues.

 the writing style is often incomprehensible.  Customers have complimented Rangertell on the readability of the product. If what Ranger writes is hard to follow I suggest you use Large Text in windows menu.

 significant presence of the manufacturer on Internet forums - you go on to say he uses too many pen-names which you disrespectfully term aliases. yet you claim his presence is significant. I suppose the most prolific poster on TreasureNet from 2002-04 being Ranger and Tell, he would most assuredly deserve the label 'significant' . Carl doesn't appear to have learned anything despite the many examples of finds and thoughts and obviously many other sketches and such.

nonsense- Carl cannot use these devices  (proven by Rangertell who sent him a basic unit and maintained by among others an ex- NASA engineer) so he is not qualified to say. Carl's statements fit the description 'nonsense' rather well wouldn't you say?. The skeptics are too fond of claiming basic science is not in agreement with long-range locating.



The Rangertell Examiner is a so-called long-range locator that supposedly can locate gold (specifically) and other targets of interest in general. The Examiner is one of a few models1 produced by "Rangertell" in Australia, and often sold directly on eBay. The current Examiner (called the "TG" or "Target-Garvin" model) sells for $750-$800, depending on the exchange rate. This particular unit was purchased directly from Rangertell, and not via eBay.

gold specifically? Gold,precious metals, gemstones etc

Targette-Garvin (there is a difference)

It was not  purchased by the person that wrote the report, Carl. This is ambiguous. It was supplied by someone who couldn't use it.

Fig. 2 is a top view that shows the calculator, which is a Karce KC-153. Karce is based in China, and makes dirt cheap calculators and electronic organizers. I could not find this particular model for sale (probably discontinued), but similar scientific models sell for $5 or so. The calculator is mounted in a slip case, which is attached to the black box. It easily slides out of the slip case, revealing the view shown here:

Karce makes calculators, don't know about dirt-cheap and they sell in lots of 1000 minimum. Anyway , the comparitive electronic components in a standard metal detector would probably cost 2 or 3 dollars per detector. The statement is silly.


Equally irrelevant are the 'ethics' references. 

The Win2PDF was an oversight , a one-off since corrected.The disclaimer is ambiguous since it was thought by the person who converted the doc  to be referring to the sale of the PDF program not use, not to mention the message may have appeared at the bottom of the second blank page. Even though there are countless PDF converters like this one for free download on the net we leave the  bootlegging to the skeptics. The Pat.Pending claim was never made as reported.. It was mentioned in passing that the unit was pending a patent, that was all. The identity of the maker is wrong. G.J.B .is the sole manufacturer/ owner etc. There are many agents who may have once worked for R-T. The aliases and such are mere fabrications used to cover up the habit skeptics like Sam (not Carl yet we hope) have on newsgroups and such. It is in fact highly unethical to make such claims as well as those re 'bogus dowsing wands'. Boot's on the other foot. Sorry.

We are also interested in Carl's contest though latest 'up-front' charges are a surprise and need clarification.We were asking  for detection testing from two miles but Carl is silent.

NB: The info re the sinewave and frequency is completely incorrect. No wonder it wouldn't work.On the topic of  frequency I noted that the resonant frequencies table Carl posts on his site is out and will not work an LRL. Some or all are not the correct ones. Why? It's  as if he doesn't want people to use them. Email me for further proof. An analogy: 567.85 for Gold should be 567.82 or the LRL will not respond.

The glue smears are not like that at all in any of our units. That was a one-off experimental result. It's obvious from the professional point soldering work that the maker GB would not ruin it with slaps of glue. I do suspect some other material has been introduced.

The diode and resistance does not cancel out the resonance circuit. It works the other way with fields and signal-lines.. There is physical proof that signal-lines exist at www.Rangertell.com/signalline.htm  If anyone requires singular proof just send a short description of a scenario e.g. gold watch and Examiner at five feet and I will send you signal-line pix of same. You are quite welcome to have them examined by a photo lab for tampering etc. You could even send me a metal object (gold-plated?) and I will prove it to you returning the trinket etc and sending you the pix.

Need it be said that no confession has been made by Rangertell and the abusive nature of  the skeptic who says this is a nutter's revenge for being countered with facts by the LRL manufacturers. The dictionary definition of a skeptic is 'a habitual doubter'. This is ample testimony to the malady these addicted personalities have. Their wills have ceased to function normally and they must have another shot or kick in the pants to steady their weakly structured defiance.It needn't matter that what they say is tripe.They desperately  need to say it!!

The tuning knob is a sensitivity PLUS a ground-balancing control. There is no inconsistency between descriptions. 

The report-writer hasn't mentioned the  fact that the Examiner is about $599, and only $499  each for more than one, making it approx a quarter of the price of other long range locators. Yet none of these offer a depth,distance, weight and shape determination function. None of these offer the element-specific resonant frequencies that will avoid mineralisation and other materials. This is because only the Examiner uses  e.g. the gold 'kernel' frequency in Hertz.  And none give an unconditional 14-day trial with  money-back guarantee if not satisfied. We can afford to offer this since there aren't any refunds to speak of. Imagine the postage 15,000 miles to US and Europe/Asia if it wasn't accepted by all! The only refunds have been due to a batch problem involving a component, nothing to do with the Examiner per se.

The figure is now 327 , not 200 units sold, which adds up to about 1000 happy users worldwide.



I  ( for owner GBrooker)  offered to show Carl the inside of the Examiner with his pics and as you could  see I did, well before his messy pictures. It was of course in jest since Carl was expressly denied permission by R-T. It would lead people who knew nothing about LRLs to imagine all kinds of chicanery was employed to create a do-nothing product. If it did nothing then 200 customers would have railed years ago. The 100 percent acceptance means credit needs to be given where it is due. Carl and his likes must be laughed at and felt sorry for because their bodies are not normally conductive as they cannot even dowse. This has been witnessed. They are thus also  jealous and/or working for rivals. There are ways to allow anyone but it would require a personal hands-on tuition and measurement set of sessions until their rare body frequencies were determined. If Carl and others are/were prepared to attend these there would be no problem. 

RT Secretary

Posts from two weeks ago.


The first pic is not from that forum.


Before this, let me post  two emails. I thought I'd clear up a few things re this LRL from the horse's mouth. Locator.

Email To Ranger


Q. Can I use your website address to direct people to those posts and use the IP setup we had last time.

A. By all means.


Q. Is the Examiner that's been dissected still in production?

A. No, only ten or so were made. They were no worse than the Examiners of the time but were essentially discontinued  because the design changed after that. So from 270 (all told) or so you are looking at about 3% give or take of our units , which is not statistically on the board, and so could we call them truly representative? No. The price of the Examiners has almost doubled since then which tells you something. Today's are different and work on different parameters.They worked very well though as do all our products. I wouldn't place too much store on what's said on the net. In essence, they haven't got a clue and with some it's almost like a medical problem.Anyone can tell you in five minutes of using an Examiner that it works. In the rare event there is no response there is always an identifiable reason and replacement is organized or tuning done etc. No complaints yet, which is encouraging.

Also the wrong instructions were sent out with that particular model.The frequencies were wrong.



Ranger       www.Rangertell.com                                                                                                                                            BV0204

EXPERIMENT: Take your Examiner or LRL and set it to the frequency of your local radio or TV station. Walk between the radio or TV receiver and the direction of the aerial, usually on a hill in your district. Doing this without knowing where it is will be a good blind test. You may find there is a carrier aerial on another hill as well as the main one, thus giving you another signal-line. The antenna will swing as you cross the signal-line. The electromagnetic signal from the radio or TV transmitter forms a signal-line in the same way one is formed between your LRL and the target. You can sweep the LRL as per usual (the antenna will not turn by itself) but walking between the two points is superior. RT

This is the diagram from the photo Carl took of the experimental Examiner. He did not allow the photos because he claims they were copyright despite there being no copyright on them ie no written  indication. Did he perhaps not see the 'c' in the circle on the Rangertell  Examiner and the obvious breach publishing the above in photo form represented? A colored drawing above) I hope will suffice just to keep Carl from imagining he is Rangertell again as is obvious from ebay. On ebay he offered the same unit for sale taking off the Examiner in a defamatory manner and even asking for more than the price listed. He even used a hill picture we had , only his was dome-shaped. This was unspeakably uncalled for. But we still believe his problem lies with the remanence of his metal detectors and so like Sam who is unorthodox of hand, there is a reason.

 It is apparent from the exploded pic showing the handle construction that there is no real glue presence to speak of.

Photos when available.

Some more pics from R-T illustrating  construction modifications..

Battery power model superceded

        Circuit board  





                                                                                                                  Switch superceded

       Antenna once poly-coil 



Circuit board Plan view

 Battery power superceded by coil system

  Just a few changes from the hundreds made to the  original design. What is shown in the report is not representative.


Oops.I think Carl is a. upset ; b. underestimating the gravity of his infringements. Search for Rangertell on ebay and   you'll see what I mean?? Poll material someone? I am finding it harder and harder to acknowledge that his $10,000 test would not be a trick. I think I can see why now nobody takes it up. 

Re the Schematic.       

Carl's pictures were taken in the wrong light, to exaggerate the glue marks. I assume it is the glue but it even looks like a smear has been added...of something like face cream.The glue may have crystallized. Even if this were happening it would not be seen by anyone since all units are glued together making the seam stronger than the box itself. As well  the screws are directly connected to the antenna which means that if they were loosened or the box somehow opened with a saw the unit would collapse and so not work. Doctored photos or simply a sensible end to the smear campaign? ..I mean the glue from the wrong angle. Note that in the photo of the control box with exploded handle there is no real glue presence seen. It is an unfortunate angle he had chosen with the two  control-box halves, the little glue that there was reflecting the light in an exaggerated manner.


Re Frequency Stabilization                         Signal Focus Cone

Changes are either accepted and built into the Examiner or shelved for further development. The report neglects hundreds of these small but important changes in the evolution of the product.

                             Amplifier MFD with Input       

                                                     Supra processing rod assembly








Carl mistakenly claims that the above schematic does nothing. Why then does he allow the following survey meter on his site?


A look at the schematic there will tell you that it similar to the Examiner's and of course works. It's actually a lot simpler yet Carl says these units sell for up to $7000USD. Has he ever considered Research and Development time re these products? Note the suggestion in the right-hand box. It talks about using a DC oscillator. So what is the calculator's function in all this? It is in fact a DC oscillator that produces a steady, mathematically modified sin wave frequency signal to be translated by the Tesla coil and circuit in the control-box.

There is no standard configuration in all this electronics. Our values for components form a unique pin-code (like on your bank card) if you like which cannot be imitated because it's taken years to develop. There may be semblant forms but ours has passed the test ...user satisfaction. (Joe the unhappy user was a complete joke since he received a faulty one as we noted on it's return.) If you can't conceive of a faulty unit due to postal treatment if not rough treatment then I'm sorry, you cannot be real. The other was a setup of some kind taken to a lab where dowsing would be looked on as alternative energy  form and dismissed. The guy would want his job and neither have the time nor experience to deal with such an invention.Why has it taken 20 years for the forum posters to come to no final conclusion?? The poll recently held was split 17/17. Half thought LRLs would detect more than 100 feet, the other half did not. Minus aliases that the skeptics use (not the LRL backers) and the fact that some thought LRLs would detect to below 100 feet and you have a technical win to the LRL users.

The problem Carl has then must be the power source.He doesn't comprehend the amplification of electromagnetic fields as illustrated in the above schematic works by substituting the body for electrodes in one sense  and instead chooses to believe it doesn't function. This is because he cannot even dowse so can only go by what he has read. Poor Carl. He does though feel that the Patents Office is wrong in allowing patents for LRLs since he believes they are only dowsing rods.(see patents pages). If he disagrees with the experts, where is he coming from? Credibility? Hardly.


The componentry under the perforated board is not shown for some reason. More selective pixology. 

No logo can be seen on the outside as is the case with today's Examiners.


Haven't you ever seen an antenna installer as he uses a signal locator to determine the position of the transmitter? The Examiner works the same way. A simple circuit within the Examiner uses the body to establish the signal-line to the transmitter, in this case the target. Surely you know this. It is simple electromagnetic wave propagation, basic knowledge.

You need to get right away from thinking of LRLs as metal detectors. They are not. The Examiner uses electromagnetic waves that exist because they exist around ever entity. Do you understand that the human body has a moving current and so an electromagnetic field? So why can't you conceive of a device that will translate this to a form that can indicate a transmitting source?

The Examiner's circuitry is basically a bypass-filter that allows this. Coupled with the tuning circuit it allows signal-line detection using the body as in the diagrams I have posted. I will post them again.( See Pic below.)

Metal detectors are competely different to long range locators. Please extricate your head from that hole of errors and see you are dealing with very distant relatives. Don't you know about radio transmission and signal-lines? The signal-line we're talking about is the same, not some cliche of dowsing per se. Just because we can get down to a level where we can detect them miniscule as they may be, doesn't mean we are talking about something else. You should know this Carl.

If you don't and it appears you don't, why are you commenting here? You don't appear qualified to do so. These are rudiments of radio and electromagnetic wave propagation.

Do you think the actuator arm in a hard drive touches the disk? No it rides on a cushion of air. In the same way the calculator does not need to touch the coil circuit in the control box.

Why don't you ever subtly vandalise Fitzgeralds' products? Why is everyone elses's submitted to the same " Poor workmanship bla bla just another dowsing rod bla bla." treatment. Are you not totally unequipped to comment on this and possibly a shill for Fitzgerald? icon_exclaim.gif

Your attitude so far, far from being courteous has already caused me to wonder seriously about your credentials as an electronics person and your credentials as an unbiased one. I've tried to humor you but now I can see nothing at work here but a grunting philistine pig. Fancy claiming I have no degree (which you still have not retracted. Do you want to see my piece of paper?) and that when I send you info marked 'Strictly Confidential' you say what ever I say will be in the report!! Who do you think you are Carl??? You don't understand the concept of signal transmission so why comment!icon_evil.gif

My attitude has always been: These skeptics can't use LRLs big deal. Now though the evidence is completely overwhelming that they are not just whining and ignorant, but false of qualification and partisan to the extent of being irritating, wannabe agitators!


See anything anybody? All I can see is an aerial that obviously works because even a look on ebay will Ranger you at least 20 are happy there. I would then read the beautiful Testimonials on www.Rangertell.com and the User Finds etc and see that everyone there appeared happy. On this forum I could find a few happy comments in the last week. On the other forums too.

Then I would read more on the site www.Rangertell.com and see how they compared with others and what the truth was in the FAQ about the 300 happy people around the world. They don't question what's in the unit because they know it works. Prospective customers will now see it is not a dowsing rod because there isn't one in there. Instead there is as Ranger has been saying for years, a specially fashioned aerial. It's not there for show since the Examiner is glued together and can't be opened except by people who do it all the time like this Carl joker..so why would there be anything in there in the first place?

I would see that for a whole 14 days from date of receiving the Examiner T-G I could find half the gold in Missouri. If I liked it I could keep it.

I would then see a picture of a mongolian warlord and silly tousle-haired lad with specs and large letters and other shouting and rudeness from JBlack or Sam and think to myself...


Ranger ( ex 2003)


Brad Pitt was known as the satanic Joe Black in the movie. This is quite possibly what our other fiend..sorry friend is saying to us.

What's in there Carl?

1. Tuning Capacitance
Not shown as beneath the circuit board. Circuit boards need not be custom-made when their purpose is purely functional. They do exist in manufactured appliances as anyone can plainly remember. The tuning capacitance can seen in my photos before Carl's as is the style of the board underside.

2. Tuning Resistance
One can be seen at right atop the board. It is the chrome-colored round object. There is a variable form as well under the board.

2. Coil aerial configuration involving the antenna

Classic but unique Tesla coiling with deliberate reverse double helix winding that's not found anywhere. The winds and turning forms the secondary. It is basically A TRANSFORMER. This particular type of transformer is known as the Tesla coil after its inventor, Nikola Tesla. Unlike low-frequency transformers, it has an air core, and no iron is used in it construction.A short explanation of how the Tesla Coil converts the low-frequency ac into high-frequency ac is first necessary. there is no need for any connection to be made between wires and coils. This is the Tesla principle. It's in electric motors, transformers and pcs. It a field transference.

Referring to the figure below, an interruption of the primary circuit of the spark coil SC by the spark coil vibrator produces a current of high Voltage in the secondary. This current flows through the Tesla coil primary P, into the capacitor C, charging it from the other plate of the capacitor back to the spark coil secondary. But due to the inductance of the coil P, the current flow cannot stop instantly when the capacitor is charged but continues until it is overcharged. Then when the inductive effect of P dies out, the overcharged capacitor discharges backward through P, jumps across the spark gap SG, and completes the circuit to the other side of the capacitor. Here again the inductance of P does not let the current flow stop instantly, but it continues on until the capacitor is charged again, though this time in the opposite direction, and not quite so much as before. This back and forth charging and discharging of the capacitor continues but is gradually weakened by the resistance of the circuit, until the voltage is too low to jump the gap. The rate of these reversals may be many thousands or even millions of times per second, the number depending on the capacitance of the capacitor C and inductance of coil P. The lower the values of capacitance and inductances the higher is the frequency. It is evident then, that for each pulsation from the spark coil secondary, many, many cycles of alternating current will flow through the primary of the Tesla coil. This explains why a very tiny signal from a target is amplified to extraordinary levels allowing the antenna to turn to balance the charges involving your body, the Examiner and the target. It is of course perfectly safe. The TV is more of a risk.

4. Resonance circuit

It is not shown but the specially selected rectification signal diode, the capacitance and resistance unseen and the main capacitance form a Tesla/Resonance circuit to enable the detection of frequencies inputted into the calculator.

4a. Bypass filter.
The resonance circuit forms this as well as far as I am aware . In later models it is more apparent. Remember this represents less than 10 per cent of the units sold.

The Examiner coil aerial system is unique. No-one has this system anywhere in the world for use in metal detection. If you want to have a great reading experience search for Tesla, the man and his amazingly spectacular life and his even more breathtaking theories. He is only now being respected as the founder of modern radio (not Edison who cheated him) and not Marconi, the founder of AC generation which supplies all mains power on Earth, the inventor of the fluorescent light, radio control, X-ray machines, the list is frightening. He was too powerful an inventor and so his ideas were kept from the masses. In the late 1920s a test was run involving one of his cars that obtained remote electrical energy using his coils. The vehicle travelled at 90 mph when the top speed then was about 20mph. Recently he is being touted as the Father of the 20th Century, which indeed he was, albeit not the then publicly known as such. Skeptics have in fact set us back hundreds of years. If you don't believe me read of Tesla's life and inventions. One of his main ideas was to produce electricity by transmitting it using his coil principles. Imagine if we could send power via radio waves basically instead of the clumsy wiring system we have connected to power stations and the like. The seed is the awesome power that is in the Examiner. On this occasion the antenna is made to turn towards a target it is resonating with. But it is due to the wonderful work done by Nikola Tesla the greatest relatively unsung scientist of them all. We will see more inventions hitherto thought impossible as people slowly come to grips with the social ramifications of his discoveries. Problem was of course that another inventor had a clumsier way of doing things. Tesla was superior.


The lighting you have employed to take those pix Carl has produced too much reflection. The glue is not visible in normal light. It accentuates faults such as in the perf board etc. In normal light the unit looks presentable when opened. You have not shown the underside of the board giving a barer impression.

There is no dowsing rod here Carl. The shaft is there and attached to the box to allow it to turn that's all as you can see. Are you a member of the tree family because you are at 90 degrees to the surface and have arms (branches) and a trunk? Of course not!! You work for.. Who do you work for Carl? Sales have suddenly though exploded I note. You picked the wrong one he he! It appears this could be the only LRL that works in the field. In the last few hours I have sold more than three Examiners.

In summary the Tesla coil primary and secondary is highly modified. A signal is produced in the calculator according to our own derived frequencies from fieldwork. It is transmited across the air gap in keeping with laws of inductance . (Case in point Tesla's laws to the coil aerial/antenna where is builds up to greatly augmented frequencies. )The difference in power or potential energy is rectified and translated to the antenna/body system to allow a charge-balancing as explained in diagrams much earlier this post and on the site. There is a signal-line reflection coefficient and the metal of the antenna involved as the primary and secondary coil roles are intertwined. Each Examiner is painstakingly created for hours until it works perfectly. It is not a manufactured ripoff but a custom-made prodigy.

This is why 200 people are happy. It works!



Next time you get a cryptic message use your brain cells, not your ideomotor

unique aerial physics...

...not a magic dowsing stick...

...Tesla-based coil system ..

All that was advertised was true. Though the camera lied the import is that it works. It doesn't look like that honestly. Is that you on your licence photo? Is it ever?...the import is that it works.

I will offer you or anyone a free Goldscrew if a method of proving 200 happy customers can be suggested without infringement of privacy of any kind. I can paste a list right now of more than 100 with their emails and names almost completely crossed out. I was playing around the other night. You wouldn't know who they were or where but....it's our policy never to give out any customer information...of any kind. This will never change.

RT's secretary


I'm not the maker and the calculator was only glued in some early models. There is an air-gap now between it and the control box. This allows subtle repositioning as a last resort if a shift occurs, the main reason for signal loss.

Here is a site that Rangers you how to make your own Tesla coil. It's not the same as ours of course. That's a trade secret.


The resonant frequency info is good.

Why is Tesla in the background? Where is this technology? What did he invent? Just about everything. Remember these are the first patents ever of these machines.

These are patents. Add to these Radio, fluorescent light, X-rays etc, radio control etc. and you have the 'Father of the 2oth Century' as he is becoming known.




Will somebody go to voyforums and tell that insolent remailer fool that

A. Rangertell is not fleeing from justice. It is business decorum to remain discreet because of scammers like him peddling for some other manufacturer. Equally since when does a co-developer represent a company in the flurry of aliases and insults that plague this present context if the idea is not nurtured ? icon_eek.gif

B. Why doesn't he post to this forum instead of those face cream container pics on their own. No, this would terminally hole his argument. What does he represent, a race of bug-eyed creatures whose visual IQ is superior? In this case they wouldn't have a clue anyway and would say "Paul, do you know that resonating two coils does produce a detectable change etc. There was a man called Tesla..."

Further proof SS Watcher etc is getting desparate over there with the few hopeless fireflies that flutter near his idiot candle in the sky. It looks furtive alright! icon_rolleyes.gif


"Most of what escapes scrutiny at the forum is generally known in the real world as downright cheek." --Whitmore



Carl, you know nothing whatsover about this form of electronics. I don't think you are qualified to comment on circuits you haven't seen in action. We are not talking about normal resonance circuits. We are dealing with a unique never-seen-before resonant circuit. This is the first corollary of electronic experimentation.

The Lectra Search appears to be a voltage divided idea, the complete opposite of the Examiner.

Remember we are talking about virgin Tesla coils here that don't conform to electronics textbook explanation until you know what it is you have.

The handle rod does not make contact with the hand. Correct. Complete proof it's not dowsing as you understand it. You need to comprehend that the electromagnetic fields and charges as illustrated in this post much earlier are what occurs due to the circuit configuration. The resonance becomes part of the circuit when you factor in the target and the coils plus the variable controls. If the resistance is not there then the sensitivity, NOT the resonance is altered. It's like a person pushing a swing. It will build up to a point (WITH THE OHMAGE or resistance) until is reaches equilibrium.

The wires going nowhere concept is tired and completely false. There is no connection required because it's a Tesla transformer concept. Carl, I thought you had more imagination. Each wire as I said is there for a reason , nothing resembling an E-scope or Lectra-Search. The windings are precise are are the lengths. There is no wire there that's for show. Why? Every Examiner is glued and thus unopenable. Why stuff them with useless phonies. For you? That Examiner was procured by you at random recall? The fact it was discontinued only proves that you have opened last year's fish and chips and held your nose! Not that it wasn't a fine unit. Some with calculator have different configurations as well. Whereas you didn't specifically claim the Examiner was like the others you inferred there were do-nothing components as in the others. No cigar.

TESLA TESLA TESLA TESLA. That is the basis. You haven't even mentioned the basis.

I would have said something like.

"Ranger claims 200 people are happy with the units. Inside is a Tesla coil system with unusual departures and unorthodox arrangement of components. I don't think he would have had any success giving 14 days trial if it didn't work. Unless a full explanation is given re the placement of the components and what they do there is no real answer we can arrive at. "

Where is the transmitter antenna from the calculator? Do you perhaps think I have a doodling problem ? That is intrinsic. The circuit you've drawn lacks the essential stage, number 1, the transmitting. You have an egg ok. Where is the hen? It's not a claim to evolution either. It's a simple fact.

Honestly Carl, don't show that to anyone because the first thing they will perceive is that without it being built as per the maker's instructions they cannot possibly determine it's efficacy. The maker expressly forbids you.

I, Ranger 

   A poster replied:

I think the reason that Carl cant comprehend the lrl/mfd concept is because he has no imagination, if it isnt written in a tech manual, he cant relate to it. The proof should be based on weather or not a certain unit can or has found treasure, if it works for then thats the best that any user/buyer could ask for.


So what's intellectual property and how much is that worth? Ten dollars? That sounds about what you'd pay in net fees while you attempt to look inside that which has been attested to in the manner you're doing it. It cost a lot more than $5 when we bought it. Plus why do you suppose a unique oscillator cicuit would not exist in either a cheap or expensive calculator. It fit the frequency requirements. Inventors don't just go to the dime store and buy a cheap calculator you know. Hundreds of calculators have been bought and tried. It's also one of the reasons the price is within reach. You're dealing with an invention here, not a scam.

Doesn't the fact it's been discontinued mean anything? You aren't exactly educating people on the pitfalls of buying an LRL ..not least wise knocking one that has drawn no clamor of disapproval except from you and that warlord fella who looks like Randi...!! icon_eek.gif

So come on Carl . Open up that baby. Point to each component and say 'Didn't do it for me.' Since when did you represent 4 billion potential users? Give it one star out of five. Claim you have subjected it to all the tests amounting to a benchtest on a real bench with a lump of 18k gold that has become so remanent from your 50 metal detectors that it is not even a 4k. You need 24k BTW or it won't work. Since you still haven't told me whether you can use LRLs at all of any description do you expect me to believe you're not just another Randi-ism?

You know I had a dream once of a full-page ad in a ritzy magazine headed" What you can do with a calculator". Now I have a better idea. You Carl in full color at the back of a mine-dump number-crunching, a satisfied look on your face. I could do it with that $10,000 you'll forgo once we get it together.

But enough rhetoric. Back to Round 3. The Examiner Is A Flunkie or Is This The Real Thing? Your move.

I want to see what's inside it myself. Just hope it works for you before you open it , because if you don't tell us it doesn't (oops?) we'll have to repair it for you.icon_lol.gif icon_lol.gif oh boy!!


So confident am I Carl that the Examiner is the best value in long-range locating that I am egging you on to open it.

Anyone associated with it knows that if it can find targets to within a respectable accuracy it is a respectable locator. There are far too many scenarios for anyone to be able to draw a wide brush and say in every circumstance. Caveat on that is that the Examiner in the right hands will find in any circumstance because of it's nature. It will accept equations and functional logarithms to effect this. The one you have did not do this. It will put up a mean struggle but since it wasn't a T-G it hasn't been tested in 2004. Users might ask tech support about this. You see when a person buys an Examiner he gets what some may call a course as well. Updates are made to users going back years. They are not buying a locator per se. So really I can't see where you're coming from. The maths is developing. One day it will be the best and the less than a thousand dollars will be priceless. icon_smile.gif

Now you know what I mean by superceded I trust you will open it right now. The suspense is killing me. God knows what you've got there. You might even have a ratsnest...

Open up that baby.. RIGHT NOW!! I want to see the look on your face when you find....a lump of plasticene!! icon_lol.gif icon_lol.gif


The Bachelor Of Science majoring in Geology, Geomorphology and Geophysics was conferred on me in 1995 at Macquarie University. It took seven years of solid study and in no way shape or form was it mickey mouse. In fact it is the second-best if not the best Geology Faculty in the country. This occurred because the professors formed a group that remained with the University for more than 30 years. I trust you will retract this remark.


P.P.S. -- I see you have placed my photograph on your website, for commercial purposes, without permission. Please remove it.

Come on Carl. You're not such a bad-lookin fella. I do agree the nose a little long. But then it's obvious why. Sorry. That one is staying on the FAQ until you remove yours.icon_wink.gif



Another look at a Tesla coil circuit. Small signal , awesome output.


Typical Tesla coil, a smaller version of which we've all seen in our labs on open days. The electrical energy is amplified and sparks from primary to secondary such is it's power of amplification.


Basic Tesla Circuit. Note the old Examiner shown has this configuration. The initial frequency signal is the primary, the rest the secondary though this is technical. It is the basis of AC power generation which Tesla invented.

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The Postother potentiometer lead is soldered to an L-shaped piece of brass rod that forms the core of the handle.

The L-shaped brass rod is roughly the L-shape of a knitting needle. There is no L-shape there except to secure the screw. Ranger

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One of my pics showing that configurations vary. In this case the coil is elsewhere and of a different type though still Tesla-based. There is also a resistor on the visible side of the circuit board and rubber tubing involved.Won't tell you what the other components are since they are pending patent despite what Carl says.



Too slow Carl! I guess you'll never know. You have of course though found a treasure that you value well!! The famous healing-cream box once owned by Cleopatra. Ranger


      4  Xrs for that effort Carl



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 An experiment was carried out by an English Lord many years ago. When asked whether electrical energy flowed form (+) to (-) or (–) to (+), he determined that electrical energy flowed both ways. See Diag 2. The only difference was the polarity. The signal between you, your LRL and the target is the same. It is thus not such a one-way street. For the purposes of mathematics one assumes the uni-directional current law has been adopted without much fare given to the truth ie. that is more of a give and take system flowing both ways. Whenever there is a flow of electrons, there is an electromagnetic field. The difficulty lies in measuring this when you get down to raw micro-field level. This can be overcome with visual evidence at the microscopic level since conventional instrumentation cannot measure it. Something akin to an ion detector may.Visit http://www.Rangertell.com/signalline1.htm for actual pictures of these signal-lines or electromagnetic field currents. This visible microscopic evidence is better than the behavior of LRLs and more convincing. Statements of Authenticity are being obtained from Kodak and will be displayed alongside these shots.

How can you prove the existence of signal-lines Carl? Do you think those lines are get-rich quick inventions?? Do you think I am not proud of thse discoveries and proofs? Can you not see that I don't particularly appreciate your heavy-handed approach to patently original locators? You're going to open it? Good. You will see what you will see. Only problem being you will see and not understand what you see!! I could of course be surprised by your understanding. As the warlord would say..Yeah right! icon_razz.gif



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(But, there's more to come!)

That's right folks, the Goldscrew. Never mind that people might think you have used a discontinued Examiner as a repository for face-cream. That's the stuff ..don't let the critter get away!! No problem. You are of course quite a regular on the melodramatic circuit these days. I'll never forget your part in "My Run in With a Ranger" and "The Examination of the Great Tesla." You were of course an extra but marbleless , simply marbleless. Then there is your current production. At the top of this page I suspect there is more evidence of your acting genre at work. What you shlapp on your face is your own business!

Same principle Carl. A specially wound Tesla coil adjusted by a sliding aerial audio jack (in your case probably) to alter the frequency of the main coil so it will detect any number of metals etc.

It's a shame it didn't work for you. It worked for everyone else.

At $39 I guess you could do a lot worse. Considering the time spent testing this it is without doubt the best pinpointer out there.

Thanks anyway for your picture study. It's doing wonders for business. The customer has a full 14 days from receiving our units to decide, which is not the norm in LRL sales, so if it works as advertised what's the problem?


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Solar energy has a positive charge (+) which spirals down in a clockwise direction. Earth has a negative charge (-) and is emitted in an anti-clockwise direction. The confluence of charges creates a perfect charge potential for the LRL to use as a ‘sounding-board.’ See Diag below 

All these factors work with LRLs, MFDs and metal detectors. The skeptic forgets to Ranger you this information because most haven’t the foggiest idea about electromagnetic wave or signal propagation and their relationships and interactions with one another. For example the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) used in the medical industry picks up electromagnetic fields from your body using an electromagnetic field produced by the MRI equipment . There is no wiring there. Putting a crystal under pressure allows a stronger piezoelectric magnetic field to form.  Simple pressure will increase the sensitivity. No wiring there. Now measure the charge with an Examiner or positively charged rod and you will see that the charge's polarity has been switched. All matter interacts with itself to form these magnetic fields. There is no wiring between a standard metal detector and the target. The beat may be out but it’s still the frequency or resonance energy being compared with itself. Your computer is composed of a hard drive, floppy and pc board mainly. The hard drive has an actuator arm inside that moves above the disk on a cushion of air . There is no connection or wiring there. It seeks the positive or negative charges imprinted on the disk. A set of these forms a byte. The same with the floppy disk or the CD. There is no direct connection between the receiver and processor, just air. Case in point the aerial wire you see protruding from the Examiner control box does not need to be in contact with the calculator for the inductance to be conveyed across a layer of air. There is no power supply in a crystal set. The tuning circuit crystal is using the resonance parameters ot the signal without requiring batteries. The tuning circuit in the Examiner is using a specifc frequency, that of the target to tune in, using the resonance parameters of the target. You can build an electrometer that will detect your combing your hair from 50 feet with a light-emitting diode, a FET transistor and a 9v battery. This works simply on charge difference . It doesn't take much to make a circuit respond. 
There are other accepted methods of electromagnetic transference that forms the basis of our world today. Those who are perplexed are not necessarily technically-challenged. They simply haven’t been told the facts. Take a look at a transformer or electric motor. There is no connection between the revolving shaft component and the curved magnets on either side. Just an air-gap. In a transformer no connection betwen the primary and secondary coils. Induction allows the passage of electromagnetic energy. So too the Examiner needs no direct connection.  
Living under high tension lines has an effect on your body . It’s an accepted fact. Why? The electromagnetic field given off affects your body countering the electromagnetic field your body produces. The same process works between the calculator and inductance coil and circuit in the Examiner. The circuit resonance is set to your body’s electromagnetic field resonance which gives you your carrier wave. The electromagnetic oscillation frequency wave you’ve set in the calculator is imposed on the carrier wave and anyone who knows about radio transmission would know about this process.  
You claim to be technically competent Carl. If you have anything to say regarding the above you should make it known and stop deceiving those out there with your unwarranted exposure of legitimate methodology. If you’re going to open the Examiner go right ahead. Nice pictures. We have nothing to hide but the need to rectify the confusion that may exist. Let's hope your orgasmic moment doesn't forward thrust you into divinity studies. You may of course agree with the facts we have presented and have seen that here is a valid locating unit, which anyone with a result can swiftly determine for himself. It won’t be a shame if you come to this conclusion. Far from it. It will infer you are simply capable of giving due credit. We would then think about your challenge. What you say will not be a bias since you have been critical of LRLs, so please don’t hold back on anything you see needs to be said for the product. 

Sam, JBlack etc or whoever you are impersonating today. I will not communicate with you since you are an antagonist pure and simple. Only a fool would argue with you. That’s why I seldom do. Names that are not correct and more aliases and obsequious ridicule than a poofs convention. What do you think you are Awesome?An enigma of silliness?Not one shred of proof has been proffered by you except that it is all baloney and you are this, and so and so is that. We are not interested in debating here.  

Need it be said you can prove all these things if you know how to manually set to a form with the Examiner.


Ok. Enough excessive rhetoric and comedy. It's getting close to the hour. I never did get used to these suspicious occasions. What IS that damned loop device?? icon_lol.gif

Thank you Carl. Now look what you've done! Being a quiet type of L- wire it's taken a turn and shrivelled up on seeing the light (or you more likely). No, that is the Jumping-Jack antenna you see. It's been precisely cut and the loops are the result of much experimentation and field work. This transmits the signal from the calculator via induction (remember the electric motor, computer analogy?) to a point above the circuit. The configuration you see is not just a bent wire. It is based on Tesla's work with flat spiral antennae. Coil aerials are usually thought of as spiral. RT has built a few interesting locator forms with this setup which I will post when Ranger comes back and says it's ok. So hold out for this as you will not believe the awesome power of this aerial hybrid.

I'm pleased you said it had been wound in a manner that does not allow duplication. Very observant. This is because it is the product of many months research and in fact can't be duplicated. If it was a micron short or the loops were not of a certain amplitude it wouldn't convey the signal to the receiving components.

The 500k pot (which varies with each Examiner) controls the signal-line current allowing sensitivity to be augmented or diminished. In essence . it's a ground-balance control performing the same role as a metal detector ground-balance. It enables the user to find the setting where the ground and the unit are in balance with any target that may be resonant with the Examiner. The good thing with this is it takes a second or two and is not a five-minute chore like pumping a bike tire as is the case with a vertical beeping unit.

Remember, I did not build it so Ranger needs to give you input here conveyed as always by me. As I said though, you will wonder about the apparent simplicity of the circuit. It has nothing to do with necessity but Tesla's work which you can find if you look hard enough. The Examiner is the lightest LRL in the world. I think you are beginning to see why. Need I say that every Examiner is custom-built. It is not a factory ripoff and is built to suit the demands of the customer.

Let me caution you re opening the units. If anyone tries to open the Examiner it will collapse the unit since the screws are connected to the antenna and the box itself can't be opened. The unit will thus be ready for the refuse. Carl uses special processes involving glues to perform this dissection. He doesn't of course know, understand or believe what's inside but he thinks that by showing the world someone will enlighten him in a sensible manner. Ranger will convey exactly how representative this Exr is.

Round 3. The same as the others. No punches thrown (except that the referee thinks it's a fight) and none returned. Here is a mystery shape or object. Can you Ranger me what it is? Down the road I will amplify and answer any questions. I was watching 'The Inventors' on television last week and a nine-year-old was showing his latest invention, an automatic pot-stirrer. It was an electric motor that spun two metal vanes which sat low in the liquid. He had a timer attached to it. If it works and it hasn't been seen people are going to like it. This is not in that basic invention ballpark. It involves ideas that have rarely been seen. The pudding is your local hunting field and needless to say the proof is what you will get in that 14 days no-risk trial period we offer and of course for many years to come.

Here is a great site that explains the concepts at work with the Examiner if you have a start with coils, aerials and electromagnetic waves.


It's an extremely rare numeral 'two' first fashioned by the Maya Indians. Since they wanted gold so much (had so much of it) they proclaimed that for every one ingot, they would have with the aid of this ancient rune...2!
Only Ranger knows the answer to that icon_lol.gif




Quote "However, in RealScience, a resonance circuit would never include a series diode, which would specifically block resonance from occurring" Carl.

Which is silly because it's a signal diode!!

The sinwave frequencies that emanate from the calculator and are amplified by the coil in the Examiner are extremely minute and cannot be detected using conventional apparatus. That's why photos of signal-lines are required. The frequencies are tested by counter-proofing and testing which at no stage disproves their authenticity. If any failed the repeatability test and there was no reason that could be determined then the premise would fail. It does not.


There were many others during the 'look inside'

It has been noted that a customer (Grizzley from Utah) who received an Examiner with the calculator depositioned in transit was sent another which has been lost or delayed inexplicably in the post. A third is being sent his way. Let's hope they don't send by boat this time as I suspect has occurred with the second. 




The spurious claim that a customer has not written two explanatory letters is further evidence of illicit tampering with the truth. All they need do is write to the customer himself . The two false letters written by them were not followed by two false letters conveyed by IBID2000. The customer wrote both on being requested to explain the state of play by RT. All they need do is send the customer a private message on the TN forum. I believe the customer lives in a small town with only two postal officers so if he thinks the mail has been in the same bag that is the likely scenario. This is extraneous though since there is no doubt the skeptics are bogus and their agenda is not worth countering. It only plays into their hands so they can defame and slander again. Asking the customer is a legitimate way the skeptics will not follow up. Get it from the horse's mouth. This though would of course expose them as the liars those who follow the forum know and those who do not can easily miss. That  misinformation and scallywagging  is the rogues' competing intention.  ...............................................................................................................................................

From unnamed source

The following week it becomes obvious that these jesters are just competitors lying and cheating their way to connive the odd simpleton that may not read carefully enough and observe the dates of the postings. This time they seize on the signal booster, which has received no criticism resembling that contained in their forged letters which appeared on a site no longer available.  See assumptions from similar sources here. http://www.hotboards.com/plus/plus.mirage?who=shipwrecks&id=  Mike is critical and unbiased. He does not pander to anyone so his comments are trustworthy. He did not receive the booster until after the tirade against it began on google forum. Clear case of defamation as are all the works of JBlack, Sam Scafferi, Carl Moreland . The others have only been inveigled by these competitors of ill forum repute.Though they use different remailers on google they are held to be the same collection of desperados against LRLs by those who read the forums. 


I will tell you if the Examiner you have is the Examiner we know and thus a good representative. However I'm sure you understand that to post information pertaining to design that has been protected by civilian patent is illegal and could lead to reverse engineering. This could lead to the substitution of lookalikes on the market and defeat the purpose you are apparently striving to achieve ( I won't say the destruction of alternatives to standard detectors). Not to mention that to post such information without the manufacturer's consent amounts to desertion of principle of the highest order. I say this particularly in the context of instrumentation designed to search for and identify gold and other precious metals that in some cases is held to be in a technically grey area though the responsibility is on the shoulders squarely of the user. Also defeating your intention is the possibility that prices will rise to counter the defamatory labelling of such a device by the technically challenged who expect pc boards in storey form, not a frugal combination of a few components that through testing and laborious expedition have been seen as the 'pin-code' of an accepted locator.

So I neither give my consent nor encourage the publication of any claim that the Examiner's circuitry is public property. No brainchild has ever been of this type. Even if you could build similar , the windings and values would not correspond with the untappable structure of the unit in question. These have been so arrived at that it is just not possible. The placement of the components is such that it cannot be duplicated.

As I recall that particular model was NOT representative of the Examiner by Rangertell though it worked to the same quality levels as the others. The latest , the T-G is almost twice the price and the best. You have the standard Examiner, not the one that has sold this year. Also there were instructions errors because the configurations were changing so rapidly. The one pictured was the main character I'm afraid in this. My nose is not growing long here. It just so happened that this occurred and..with that model!! This form of detector development is far from easy.

Need I say that , as is iterated on the site, many configurations have been tried with the Examiner. I would estimate at least half a dozen. This does not include slightly different forms. In this case the number could be in the dozens. The configuration in the Examiner picture, with the cradle was not representative. None were since it is a dynamic process.

Two hundred users have been happy with our units. One couldn't hope for a better result. There have been no complaints save for the few faulty units. Perhaps you should send me an email first and I will advise you whether what you have is

a. a real Examiner
b. a representative model.
c. NB: a working Examiner (according to whom?)

If you intend to defy my gentlemanly request that you do not treat the intellectual property of the Christian manufacturer in the way you are threatening, I would solemnly suggest you wait for a set of basics that have not been hitherto seen on this forum re locators. These will explode myths re dowsing and bring to light ideas not before diagrammatically explained. Then keep the picture above as all there is here until there has been more than no complaint about it. Otherwise you will see before you a minimal array that will lead the uninformed observer to imagine that big is beautiful...which anyone who works with fields and combinations knows is an unintelligent concept. It works. Please leave it at that.

I know it doesn't work for you because the Goldscrew we sent you didn't. Everyone who has used the Goldscrew said it worked, except you. We send people Goldscrews to see if they will be able to use the Examiner. I know I'm not wrong in suspecting you will say it does not work. The truth is it does not work for you. I didn't mind your article above. I just hope that you are surprised by the fact it does work and happy like everyone else. The record though implies that you cannot use it because you could not use the Goldscrew. And that is the test we have devised and employ in cases where the user may need closer attention.

Prove me wrong. Tell me you have finally found a working Long Range Locator. If not I suspect that the dowser who found a particular site frequency to be a giveaway (more later perhaps) must surely be close to the truth. Hint: Placebo proof. icon_smile.gif


PS: You said the other day you thought it was worth $50. Now you say it appears well worth $800. What is your net security like Carl? I thought this earlier comment unlike your usual style.

'A locator' infers some other? It might to a Martian. What's your ISP doing Carl?


Fine Carl, if you can use LRLs that work generally. The problem is that I have yet to hear that you have. Enlighten me if you can.

The top techs at Minelab (U.S.) looked at the Examiner and were considerably impressed. They gathered in the carpark and apparently couldn't let go of it when a user took it to show them. These men were the best in the metal detector field anywhere.

The line begins at the proper instructions and a tuning assist. Even I needed the maker to tune my Rodette when I first discovered the units. I was as lost as lost could be without that little turn of the screwdriver. It was like a key that let me into the Garden of Detection. I followed a mullock heap from hundreds of feet away and never looked back.

I remember wanting that locator so much I offered to buy then and there like my life depended on it. Boy was I relieved when the maker said. "Here, play with this." That was some years ago. It cost me $25 and was a basic Rodette predecessor. Since then I've built and co-developed hundreds of types and discovered dozens of new functions and tried everything. Ranger has an idea, and I help it along and build on it. It's a combined effort. All that time tuning and the proper instructions have been the bottom-line. You need to make sure your unit is working well though before you do anything. Let us know if you can't get a response. Where are you in the States? There may be a user nearby that can help you.

If you haven't got the tuning right you won't be at square one. Have you detected anything yet? Any swing? Remember it's a hair at a time literally. The tuning works better the less of a touch-turn is applied.

Ranger said that one you have used a superceded coil basis.



HAHAHAHAH!! icon_lol.gif

Ranger and Tell are two people and have always been two people. Ranger was Tell's pen-name before it became Ranger. Only one person has written for Rangertell representing the thoughts of two people viz Ranger and Tell.

Ranger is not a Vincent. He doesn't write as Ranger. Never has, he's the inventor.

There is no problem knowing who Ranger and Tell are. Never has been. Only a couple of skeptics Sam JBlack etc and Carl claimed LRLs including the Examiner are mentally driven. The others have gone along for the ride.

It is completely and irrevocably true that the Examiner has been accepted almost 100 per cent.

I can write gold on a piece of paper or use a golden object to slyly trick my hand to find gold too. That is the trap for young players. It means you're not tuned. It means you don't have the frequencies working singularly and don't have the complete perspective. It's not your fault. Just last night I developed a cute LRL that I thought was going to be a winner. I showed it to Ranger and as we were talking I noticed that the resonance in my room had told me a lie, for the minute I negated it, it failed to work. Yet in my room it worked perfectly. It occurred to me again how important knowing what you're doing is with LRLs. The battery in the calculator was affecting the coil to create the perfect deception. It was tracking to a battery pack, that's how we knew. I confess though until that I actually thought I was onto something new. Another night I called Ranger around to see the amazing paper and Ranger locating experience that was unfolding before me. I would write gold and silver and lo and behold the rod would turn. The room was resonating so sensitively I was too delicately balanced. So you see it happens and you need to investigate it. It wouldn't surprise me that you have gone down the wrong resonance path and that's all. Need I say that we examine dowsing to make sure it isn't a trick of the mind that's affecting our units? This must be the understatement of the year. We always mention your ideas Sam and make totally sure you are not right in your belief. But we always keep the skeptics statements in mind as we work , to scientifically disprove them. Not that we wouldn't have but you do have a part to play in locating. You are keeping the bastards honest as they say. We knew before you though since the backgrounds of spooks and mentalism is something that we steered away from, ever since day one.

It isn't mentalism or subconscious cueing or fantasy entertainment and has never been. Otherwise we wouldn't have anything new to offer and it would be as you say... a ripoff! icon_smile.gif

Nowadays we have a body stabilisation circuit that maintains the body frequency at a stable level. But the calculator is not a mental cue or a dowsing assist. It produces an amplifiable signal that is filtered and induced by the control box circuit to turn the unit into a specifiable compass, according to the specific frequency entered in it. It is modified by key commands to enable the many functions available with the T-G. If you turn it off and tap the remanence off it will not swing. It will appear to if your hand is not a steady one and you have an auto-dowsing habit. Looking at the tip of the antenna will cure this.



Maybe I don't face the critics enough. Have a look at what I think of your summary and hopefully you can make a wallpaper or something out of it so that you remember the nitty-gritty...

That model Examiner didn't work right and has been superceded....

I didn't say it didn't work right. I said it had been superceded, discontinued..old model. Would you look at a T-Model Ford and say that the brakes, not being disk meant that Ford was a naughty boy today?

The wrong instructions were included with that unit.....
No doubt about it. They were and amendments followed.

Unit was damaged in shipment.....
Looks ok to me. Are you sure you're reading me? Once again your incoherent logic escapes the reader.

Hair tuning is required.....
It always is. This is not a one-off damage control either. Hair or a thou tuning is one of the principles of RT products. Always has been.

Defective parts in that particular Examiner....
You're pushing something uphill now, vertically. How would I know without testing it again?

Conventional instrumentation can't measure the induction waves.....
The day it is possible is still a future reality. There are instruments but the best you can readily obtain is the photographic method for signal-lines. The best is still the logical sequence of cause and effect. It is set and it finds, blind.

Oh, and let's not forget the CLASSIC excuse all you dealers use... "That unit was no doubt tampered with before Carl tested it."

That can't possibly be. I didn't say anything of the kind. Any, all or none of the above may have occurred. All I reported was the truth and commented that it would need to be representative of last year's model.



If we listened to you JBlack we would still be riding horses and carts. Maybe they said the Earth was round once and people were executed for maintaining it.

You are still maintaining it is flat. What books do you read? I bet you don't even believe. I figure you're atheist by inclination. You don't have to answer that question.


....It's not your fault that what you find in LRLs is condemned before you try it because you think it's impossible? Radios, televisions, mobiles bouncing signals around the world and you can't see a device in all this melee being able to detect a difference in charge and thus expose a target that is giving off more than the matter around it?

It is your fault that you create a false picture of what's inside it but don't provide a test result using a negative user compared with a positive user. Ranges, depths, materials etc. would all be incorporated. Then instead of thinking that because a wire here is soldered wrong or there is black goo on the left of the box it's a scam, we would all be happier. We're talking about how efficiently these units find gold and other materials Carl. Not that they are just dowsing rods and so , since you believe dowsing cannot be proven it is a fantasy.

If you are going to open a unit why don't you proffer a chart with ranges etc achieved by an unbiased positive user? And conversely by you...I mean a negative user.

If I was an electronics engineer I would suspect for a time that they didn't work. But so help me I would offer proof in the form of statistics obtained by someone who could use them.

What's your head oscillating at Carl, or is that just how a skeptic signals he's happy to see one? No seriously..in Hz??



Ranger wrote:

There someone way down here you can get to oversee this?

Yes, I've already told you this, a year or so ago, when I offered you my $10,000 challenge and you declined.



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Eh! Not so. My exact words were ..'one day.' The idea I had was to have a video link via pc. You said it wouldn't be hard to get a rep to see. That's why I mentioned someone you could arrange. At that stage I was too busy and still am.

Your $10,000 is on toast! icon_razz.gif




This post was twice deletd by Sam Scaffferi /JBlack who somehow has administrative rights. Complete proof that is not a forum but a skeptic tank like the others around the place.


No introductions. Let's keep the temperature of the forum below simmering to see whether it's possible. You've been referring to someone else but ..enough said. I found this trolling the net.

Pls keep my appearance to the one post. Vic

[i](Sorry, Vincent, but I got a complaint and had to alter your post.)[/i] ---JBlack


Let's try that again without the loose interpretation of forum rules Sam. The name was Vic. I know it's a common error. Anyway I found this trolling the net.


"Comment from: Sam Scafferi 
I was out early in the afternoon (in my truck), scouting out a route that I will ride later in the month, and met several of your group stopped at the town of Clutier, IA. I must say several of them looked like they'd been down "40 miles of bad gravel road". As a fellow biker, I know that gravel roads and skinny-tired road bikes don't mix. 

I had a nice chat with them, and gave them a few
directions on the shortest and best route into Mtown.

After I got home (Marshalltown), I jumped on the bike and rode North out of town to see if I could run across others of the group riding into town. I met up with a small group of you near the town of Green Mountain (about 7 miles outside of Mtown). It was really great to meet several of the bikeandbuild group, and to ride a few miles into Marshalltown with a few of you. I promised them a short route into Mtown, with only one small hill and no traffic lights all the way to their destination (the Y). Thanks a lot for letting "an old guy" ride along with you for a few miles. It was fun.

Thanks too for the T-shirt, it will be a nice addition to my collection.

Hope you all have a very nice trip across the USA..... Enjoy and come back again.

July 03, 2004 @ 13:43 "




Below you can see just a few of the many prototypes and models that were built and tested before the Examiner T-G 



We tired scientists at stampotech have decided to put you out of your misery Sam Black. Your problem has been known to us for some time so we decided to investigate just what may have been blocking your locating ability and causing you to claim so vehemently that long range locators like the Examiner don't work world without end. Please accept this tiny token of our solemn belief that your experience with LRLs has a simple answer.

Here it is:


Hooray for Sam Black hooray for Sam Black :D Yes, he's getting closer to the gold as we speak.. :D

In fact we're so adamant you will be pleased with this offering that Ranger is going to offer you a free trial of the Rangertell Signal Booster for 14 days. Carl has been swamped by his metal detectors which more than likely have braked his body aerial and led to the same null response phenomena. Maybe he will get the opportunity too, the same way he was given a Goldscrew to try. Up to the guys.


 (Footnote: The forum posts will not centre as the editing cannot be transferred.  I apologise for this. The names had also been replaced for sake of propriety. If you want to read more of the deleted posts let me know). Anon

Some facts have merged that explain many things... Thanks once more to the Super. 




Check out www.Rangertell.com/booster.htm in case you were wondering about the attitudes shown about the place. Read the entire page. One day someone hits paydirt in the pantomime.

 I guess all though is said at  http://groups-beta.google.com/group/alttreasurehuntinglrl4dummies/


Real-life is at times funnier than comedy!! Hahahaha! - left-handed deadrods!!


















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